Singing Lessons in Bristol with Thomas Martin

Learn how:


  • to sing in tune

  • to speak and sing in an increased range with a richer, more powerful tone

  • to remove tension and muscle constriction from the voice

  • to increase your speaking and singing stamina

  • to smoothly bridge the vulnerable ‘vocal break’ or ‘passaggio’.

  • to remove long or short-term stress and discomfort from the voice and associated musculature.

  • to maintain healthy habits, so that all the benefits you learn stay with you

  • to increase your confidence as a performer.


The methods I teach are geared towards fundamental pillars of vocal fitness, musicality, strength and prowess that are relevant no matter what style of music you wish to sing.


The same principles work really well for professionals who use their voices a lot every day and need a more resonant, durable voice that projects well and doesn’t tire.


On the less mechanical and more artistic side of things, I can also pimp up your dramatic performance for auditions.  


I have full public liability insurance and membership with the Musicians' Union, I’m DBS checked and not considered by most to be a menace to society.


 I have achieved a Level 2 Agored Cymru qualification in Community Music training, although who cares really?

Latest Blog Posts

“Tom was able to quickly identify certain problems I was having with my singing voice. He helped me to understand how I could improve my technique, and gave me plenty of exercises to do that really helped with my tone, pitching and overall control of my voice, and soon I was comfortably finding notes I didn’t know I could reach!”

 - David Ian Roberts,


"Tom is knowledgeable, articulate and informative. He is receptive to individual questions and concerns and I particularly enjoy the health-related aspects of vocal coaching that his lessons cover. His passion for - and commitment to - high quality and healthy singing come through in his teaching.”

– Liam, Professional Music Teacher


"I thank you, I truly thank you! Honestly, you don't know how much you've given me! I don't have to reach for the high notes anymore, they're just there! My only regret is that it took me years to make the decision to take lessons!"


                     – Peter, Student


I've seen several singing teachers in Bristol and you're easily the best. Finally, my voice feels free.

                      - Matt, singer

I’m very pleased with what you’ve done for my voice. I think I sound younger. I’ve started to experience a really active pleasure in using my voice even on an everyday speaking level.

I don’t think I’ve told you that the effects of my first lesson were seismic – like the inside of my head exploded. I recovered part of my voice that I thought I has lost. I was afraid that this was a sign of damage. Four days after the lesson, out of nowhere, a bunch of head-voice notes suddenly appeared like an unexpected parcel. Well, I didn't see it coming and it brought me an immense amount of joy - I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed that part of my voice until I got it back.

 - Martin