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Singing Lessons and Voice Building

Learn how:


  • to sing in tune

  • to speak and sing in an increased range with a richer, more powerful tone

  • to remove tension and muscle constriction from the voice

  • to increase your speaking and singing stamina

  • to transcend the vulnerable ‘vocal break’ or ‘passaggio’.

  • to remove long or short-term stress and discomfort from the voice and associated musculature.

  • to maintain healthy habits, so that all the benefits you learn stay with you

  • to increase your confidence as a performer.


The methods I teach are geared towards fundamental pillars of vocal fitness, musicality, strength and prowess that are relevant no matter what style of music you wish to sing.


The same principles work really well for professionals who use their voices a lot every day and need a more resonant, durable voice that projects well and doesn’t tire.

I am especially interested in working with people who suffer from voice disorders such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia, a condition I, myself, formerly suffered from and have cured myself of using these techniques. 

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