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What to Expect From Lessons

Most people are understandably apprehensive upon attending their first voice lesson. To put your mind at rest, here is a list of what we’ll likely be doing together – a typical lesson will consist of most of the following elements:


an overview and explanation of concepts and techniques to be explored.


some explanation of physiological function to contextualise the purpose of the exercises and help you self-monitor your technique when I’m not around.


exercises to be learned and performed to encourage new vocal and psychological calibrations and co-ordinations.


constant vigilance on my part, helping you to zone in on inhibitive habits and break down insecurities.


and, when you’re comfortable and ready, application of the techniques to song!




And here is a small list of things that won’t be happening:


I hear your voice, begin insulting you and order you from the (virtual) premises, never to darken my (online) doors again.


I hear your voice and start pointing and laughing, causing you to mentally relive all the most humiliating moments of your school-days.


I hear your voice and, gravely shaking my head, tell you there’s nothing that can be done.


I will channel R.Lee.Ermey from Full Metal Jacket. It’s for your own good.


I try to involve you in a complex embezzlement scheme involving my friend Tony, the manufacture of rubber tubing and the Cayman Islands.



I hope that puts your mind to rest.




Those with smart-phones or portable recording devices are very welcome to record sessions.


We will explore subjects such as breath-management, posture, cord-adduction, onsets, articulation, vowel modification, formant tuning, open-throat technique and resonance-balancing, as well as equipping you 

psychologically for the trials and tribulations of public performance.



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