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Katie H

I've been taking lessons with Tom for a few months now and the difference to my range and confidence is phenomenal. I've had singing lessons before but the techniques I've learnt from Tom have a much more lasting effect on my voice, I'm developing a much stronger, deeper and more connected voice, not only that it's also a lot of fun! Would highly recommend!


Katie H (amateur singer, music maker!) 🎶


"I thank you, I truly thank you! Honestly, you don't know how much you've given me! I don't have to reach for the high notes anymore, they're just there! My only regret is that it took me years to make the decision to take lessons!"




I went to Tom initially to see if singing exercises could help my breathing as a runner - having seen family (and the cat) recoil at the sound of my singing voice in the past I didn’t have much expectation for improvement on that front. In the event I was delighted to discover I do have a voice and could actually make it work in different ways. And singing is excellent exercise! Tom is a great teacher, both in person and online - he makes the work fun, achievable and relevant to what you want to learn. I laughed a lot in every lesson - a great way to relax! Tom has lots of experience with all kinds of singing practice and is a confident and empathetic coach, I’m very pleased to recommend him.

Thymios Mavr

Your technique got me through in stressful live performance moments...finally I have better control now because of the more options you provided me to bring out the voice.

 - Thymios Mavr aka F Thimios


I've seen several singing teachers in Bristol and you're easily the best. Finally, my voice feels free.


David Ian Roberts  - singer songwriter

“Tom was able to quickly identify certain problems I was having with my singing voice. He helped me to understand how I could improve my technique, and gave me plenty of exercises to do that really helped with my tone, pitching and overall control of my voice, and soon I was comfortably finding notes I didn’t know I could reach!”


"Tom is knowledgeable, articulate and informative. He is receptive to individual questions and concerns and I particularly enjoy the health-related aspects of vocal coaching that his lessons cover. His passion for - and commitment to - high quality and healthy singing come through in his teaching.”


I’m very pleased with what you’ve done for my voice. I think I sound younger. I’ve started to experience a really active pleasure in using my voice even on an everyday speaking level.

I don’t think I’ve told you that the effects of my first lesson were seismic – like the inside of my head exploded. I recovered part of my voice that I thought I has lost. I was afraid that this was a sign of damage. Four days after the lesson, out of nowhere, a bunch of head-voice notes suddenly appeared like an unexpected parcel. Well, I didn't see it coming and it brought me an immense amount of joy - I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed that part of my voice until I got it back.

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