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About Tom

Tom began singing enthusiastically as a child, stopped during an especially awkward adolescence and then resumed in his early salad days. 

After finding that his vocal achievements fell short of his ambitions -  and of the requirements of his own compositions - he set about studying vocal fitness and technique via a vast array of teachers, courses, books and bloody-minded trial-and-error. 

Ten years into this process, and one very much improved voice later, it occurred to him that people might give him money in exchange for everything he's learned in that time.

When Tom isn't annoying the neighbours or researching arcane voice building methods, he may be found reading, playing the guitar, starting songs he won't finish, learning Russian and/or Italian and/or Greek depending on what year it is, banging electronic drums, petting a cat, drinking espresso or watching Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch or Star Wars films. 

Owing to his misspent university years, Tom is very, very good at Mario Kart Double Dash. 

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