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Tom Sings!

Although I enjoy, and am consequently influenced by, a very wide spectrum of vocal performance, from opera to abrasive post-rock, I’m probably closest to a folk singer. Tonally and stylistically, this seems to be what I most closely call home.


My favourite singers may or may not be technically exemplary, which rather illustrates that voice-training is a technical mean to an artistic end.


My biggest vocal influences are probably Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell and I think Mary Hampton, though not a technical exemplar, is an unmatched storyteller. Perhaps it’s this preponderance of influential women that has lent my voice its occasionally androgynous quality.

In the classical melieau I'm rather partial to Florian Boesch, Maria Callas, Teresa Berganza and Janet Baker.

My rocking out gets done to Maynard James Keenan, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and PJ Harvey. 

If I'm in the mood for a swoon, cue Jeff Buckley or Leonard Cohen; to face down the fathomless gulf of Being (an important part of my morning routine), I like a bit of Nico, Scott Walker or Radiohead. 

On the jazz side, I'm pretty predictable: give me Chet, give me Billy, give me Louis and Ella. 

Studio recordings

These recordings are from my old group First Season, since disbanded.

These are a bit long in the tooth now but, for posterity:

Pilgrim Song
Eyes and Hands
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